Household items you can use to make Gains



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YES, We are serious! There are a wide range of household items present RIGHT NOW in your house you can use to get in a good effective workout in! We know not everyone has weights , so here are some household items you can use to get a great workout in.


Although we want to warn you to let your parents know, We dont want to take blame in case you break anything LOL.


  1. Towel

A Full-Body Workout You Can Do With a Towel


Yes a towel, it could easily be the same towel you use for the workout, we hope you use a towel for the workout.. In all seriousness a towel can help you get in a decent muscle tension. While a hand towel might not sound like it adds much resistance, it takes muscle power to hold it taut above your head in a lunge, or to stay stable while it’s under your feet in a plank. Sure, your own body weight is an excellent tool on its own, but a towel can put a challenging twist on classic exercises.

A Full-Body Workout You Can Do With a Towel
  • Glute Bridge Hold with Skull Crusher. Lay on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  • Squat Hold with Overhead Pass. 
  • V-Sit with Row. 
  • Bulgarian Split Squat with Biceps Curl. 
  • ​Single-Leg Deadlift with Bent-Over Row.

2. A Broomstick

5-Minute Fitness: Broomstick Balance Builder | The Saturday Evening Post

Yep the same broomstick you use to clean your room and house, we hope… Broomsticks can help greatly with mobility and improve pain-free range of motion

  1. Shoulder Flexion. Hold the stick in both hands with your knuckles facing forwards. …
  2. Shoulder Extension.
  3. Shoulder Abduction/Adduction. 
  4. Shoulder Internal Rotation. 
  5. Shoulder External Rotation.

You can also do some weight training variations with a Broomstick, for example :

  1. Grab a broom stick along with a back pack or shopping back. Throw some house hold items in the bag like water bottles or water jug to add weight to the bag.

  2. Loop the bag around the middle of the broom stick and grab outside of the bag around shoulder width apart and perform a bicep curl

You could also incorporate a resistance band , by handing it to the broomstick and do various workouts like bicep curls, Rows…etc

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3. Heavy Backpack

How to use your backpack to build strength for your next trip

This is an item most will find in there household, load it up with anything you can and hit some heavy movements.

Exercises for example could be :

  1. Bear Crawl. Put on your backpack and pull the chest and hip straps tight. 
  2. Squat Press. Hold your backpack straps at your shoulders with the pack positioned behind you. 
  3. Lateral Plank Walks. 
  4. Deadlift Row. 
  5. Step Ups. 
  6. Pushup to Side Plank. 
  7. Lateral Lunge and Curl. 
  8. Oblique Twists.

More Household items include

  • Gallon water bottles

There are soo many options you have available right next to you, its up to you to incorporate them and form a good overall workout program.

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