40g High Protein Shake

40g High Protein Shake in 5 Minutes!

Yes. 40g of Quality Protein! All it takes is 5 minutes to make this Nutritious Protein shake, which can be consumed during anytime of the day either as a Post/Pre workout shake, or even as a meal replacement! Note that this shake comes with some carbohydrates, but don’t worry,  what we use are complex carbohydrates which has its many health benefits and also will keep you fuller throughout the day.

We use most local Sri Lankan products you can find in your regular supermarket, cost effective and moreover very Nutritious.


Ingredients & Macro nutrients


High Protein Shake Sri Lanka

Ingredients Protein (g)  Carbohydrates (g)
200 ML Fresh Milk 7 10
40g Samaposha 8 26
100g Spinach 3 3
40g Blended Peanut Powder 10 6
40g Oats 7 45
50g Curd 6 1

Total MacroNutrients

  • Protein – 41g
  • Carbohydrates – 91g


Add all the ingredients to a Blender, Blend for 2 minutes, Top up with some ice if needed and Drink UP!

Who can Consume this shake?


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This Shake can be consumed by both Males and Females. Helps with Fat loss and Gaining Muscle Mass.

For those trying to lose fat, you can consume this as Meal Replacement, to add up some calories. The complex carbohydrates will help you keep more full, so preferably morning time would be ideal.

For those trying to Gain Weight, This shake could be included as an additional meal with your normal bulking meal plan. Would definitely help pack some good calories, and quality protein.