Samaposha Protein Balls

Samaposha Protein Balls

Samaposha Protein Balls

Samaposha High Protein

YES you heard it right, This Recipe isnt your standard Samaposha Aggala, This is the ULTIMATE Samaposha Protein Aggala Balls!


As we know Samaposha is a sri lankan favorite and is a highly nutritious snack / food made out of grains and whole foods.

Most Healthy and Nutritious Sri Lankan Snack - Strong LK


How to make it?



  1. Add the 1/2 cup samaposha, followed by the whey protein/ peanut butter, oats and a pinch of salt.

  2. Add a tablespoon of water and give it a good mix, Add the Honey to the mix.

  3. when at a good texture, take a small portion and make round shaped balls to the size of a big lemon.

  4. Serve refrigerated or right away at anytime of the day

Nutritonal Facts
Serving Size : 8 to 10 balls
Protein  per ball : 10 to 12g
Carbohydrates per ball : 15g to 18g

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