The Codes Of The Gym!

The Codes Of The Gym!

GYM is indeed a holy place for those who are dedicated to fitness activities and living the Fit Lifestyle. It is a unique environment where people come to improve their bodies and feel better about themselves. And it’s not a place for one but rather for everyone who are in different ages, different backgrounds and have different fitness levels. Most gyms have a written set of rules to govern our behavior while working out however, there is also an unwritten code of behavior that is not always readily apparent to sometimes even the most advanced of us. These Dos and Don’ts will guide you on behavior within a gym.


Wipe it off
We all are sweating when we are working out. But none of us want to deal with another’s sweat when they take over the machine. Always make sure to wipe your sweat off from the machine before you change over to the next.

Everyone gets a chance
We all want a go with the treadmill. But that one person is always on it. Don’t be a magnet to the machines. Changeover is a good thing. It will add variation to your workout and others will get a chance to use it as well. Plan your time on one machine. Especially on cardio workouts. Let the next person knows how much time left if you can. It will be very helpful.

Trust your instructor
If you are a newbie to the gym, it’s always good to get the help of an instructor. However, if an instructor advised you on something, it’s always best to accept it. If you try to argue the relationship may go down the drain. Believe me, he knows what he is telling.

Arrive Early
Arriving early = less waiting when it comes to machines. And best of all you could prepare your schedule accordingly without a hurry to go home and could complete it successfully.

Be gentle in the locker room
Locker room is a vital part of the gym. No one likes to be in close vicinity with an individual with bad manners. This is a time to show your true colors. Be gentle as locker room is for every member.

Unloading your weights
Make sure you unload your weights and put them back where you found them. It’s not the next person’s task. It’s yours.

It’s nice to wear a deodorant
This is not a must but something that most of the gym goers tend to do. Wear a deodorant. Though gym is a place where people sweat, everyone likes to be in an odorless environment.

Make your surrounding clean
This is an essential part when it comes to a gym. Make sure your towel, water bottle is in your gym bag and the gym bag is in the right place so no one is disturbed with your stuff.


Don’t be a peeping Tom
This is a big NO NO. Yes, there are ladies coming in to the gym. Yes, they may wear tight gym wear. But if you start checking on them by skipping your workouts, it will be a waste. A useless time spent in the gym. And people may start disliking you and your behavior. Always obey one another. Be friendly.

No territory
Gym is for all the members. Not only for you. Marking your territory with the next machine you are going to use is a big NO NO. Because most of the time it’s 1st come 1st use basis. Not all gyms have the luxury of keeping 10-15 treadmills.

There are people with different levels of experience at a gym. From the Beginner to the expert. The new comers may do an exercise wrong. Please correct them instead of bullying them or taking pictures of their mishaps to post online. And always remember that you were once a beginner too so be kind to them and that will have a positive light on their fitness journey.

It’s not easy to workout when you have distractions. Especially a smartphone that could make you scroll away for hours so you will forget your next exercise. The gym selfies, text messages and social media can wait until you finish off the day.
Chatting/ Flirting
Another distraction and this time not only to you but to the other person as well. And before you know, you will be all warmed down. No one is coming to the gym to waste time. But a small chat can go a long way. Say Hi to people but don’t let anyone drag you to No Workout zone in the gym and no one expects the same from you too.

Mind your Gum
Hygiene is always something to be considered in a gym. Chewing gum is ok but refrain from sticking it on weights, benches or just dropping on the floor.

Everyone hates Showoffs
Racking on heaps of weights that you can hardly lift is not a key to impress anyone. But you could be friendly, polite and helpful so you could be a star in the gym.



~Written by – Shehan Perera