Homemade Natural Protein Shake (No whey)

Homemade Natural Protein Shake (No whey)

Got No Whey Protein? No Problem, we got the solution for you!

Here’s how to make a quick Natural Protein Shake, that you could easily make at anytime of the day!

Ingredients:  50g of oats, Peanut Butter or Peanuts (Crushed), 200 ML of Fresh Milk/Non Fat Milk, Cocoa, Hint of Vanilla Essence for taste.


Note: If you cant afford peanut butter, Here’s a small hack, just buy a couple peanuts of around 20g, crush and blend into a power form.


Simple, Simply Add all the ingridients to a Blender! Blend! and Enjoy!


Nutritional Content: Consists of around 30 – 40g of protein per shake, the content depends on the amount of ingredients you use.

Consume this either Pre/Post workout, or anytime of the day to get a good source of Protein and Complex Carbohydrates.

Tip: If you are a samaposha fan, add around 30g for additional Protein and clean Carbohydrates