AP L Carnitine Liquid 3000


or 3 installments of රු3,166.67 with

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Applied Nutrition’s L-Carnitine Liquid supplement containing 50mg of Green Tea Extract and 3000mg of L-Carnitine per 15ml per serving.

or 3 installments of රු3,166.67 with


L-Carnitine Liquid

L-Carnitine Liquid for weight management comes in a range of 3 delicious flavours to make sure you can find your favourite tablespoon of goodness. You can order the liquid in either Fruit Burst, Sour Apple or Tangy Orange. Each month you can change the flavour to find your favourite. L-Carnitine is full of natural flavour and is sugar free. It only uses sweetener to enhance the taste, so you can rest assured you are only getting the best out of your sports nutrition.


L Carnitine has many benefits for weight management and as part of a workout routine. With 3000mg of L Carnitine per serving, this allows it to stimulate weight loss and play an important metabolic role in your body. One of the ways it does this is by transporting fat to mitochondria where it can be burned as a source of energy. This allows your body to burn fat for energy which, in turn, reduces depletion of muscle glycogen. It also reduces the build up of lactic acid in your muscles, allowing you to push harder and go for longer in your workout before you start to fatigue.


In each serving, there is also 50mg of green tea extract which also helps to burn through fat. One serving of Liquid L Carnitine contains vital amino acids to help build protein in your body. It also has added vitamin C to help develop body tissue, playing a key role in building and repairing muscle.

Each bottle contains 32 servings. It is advised to take one serving daily, which equates to a 15ml tablespoon of liquid. Shake the bottle well before use and do not exceed the recommended serving suggestion.

This is a halal certified product, so that people with different cultural or religious dietary restrictions can benefit from using it. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and can be used alongside a balanced diet for weight management. Applied Nutrition test Liquid L Carnitine to the standard of professional athleticism. This is why they are trusted by some of the world’s most elite athletes and used as part of their training regime.

Applied Nutrition are revolutionising the landscape of sports nutrition. They are led by a team of passionate sports nutrition enthusiasts that develop and produce their products at their state of the art, in-house facility. Sports nutrition can now be consumed quickly, tastes great and powers up your performance thanks to Applied Nutrition.

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