Weightlifting Straps


Weightlifting straps are one of the most beneficial piece of gear that you could use to help you with your lifts. Weightlifting straps simply put is a piece of fabric that is wrapped around your wrists and to the bar in order to “lock” you onto the bar.

This improves the grip on the weight that you’re lifting and prevents it from slipping out of your palms. A loss of grip on the bar could occur due to many reasons such as having smaller hands, sweating or with fatigue kicking in as you near the end of a set. There is no doubt that using weightlifting straps will prevent this from occurring.

Although there are some who are vehemently against the use of weightlifting straps citing several reasons for this.

One common objection towards straps is people complaining that using it will prevent your grip strength from being improved and that straps allows you to cheat and therefore you’d lose out on training your wrists, fingers, hands, forearms and overall grip. While this has a truth to it, the fact is that you are doing a particular exercise such as deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, shrugs to improve your back, lats, traps. That is it. If you wish to train your grip then it should be done separately and not simultaneously while training something else which has a far greater value and certainly not at the expense of it! Since straps helps you with lifting heavier then by all means go for it as it is a shame when you end a set less than the targeted reps as a result of the grip giving out rather than fatigue setting in.

Another objection towards straps is the perception that using them is somehow less manly and that it is hardcore to go without them. But the fact is if the weight is slipping out of your hands without allowing you to complete an exercise that is a problem. And one which has a quick and easy fix. Just use a pair of weightlifting straps.

Straps helps you in every “pulling” exercise from rows to deadlifts to pull-ups or in any exercise which requires you to hold a weight against gravity such as dumbbell lunges or shrugs. And since the grip usually gives out in the heaviest sets it is best advised to use them only during these moments. Straps are used to help battle grip against gravity so there is no point in using them for “pressing” exercises such as barbell press as there is no way that the weight could slide out of the hands.

Overall straps is an easy simple tool to help you with a major obstacle that is faced during every workout and therefore there is a must have in every gym goers kit.


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