The Story of Lavanga Subasena




Lavanga Subasena, another Sri lankan made athlete who competes bodybuilding professionally in the USA, talks about his inspiration to step onto Bodybuilding, and how his day to day regime copes up with his Fitness Career.



This was Lavanga’s Initial Motivation and Inspiration to get into Fitness.

“When it came to fitness all I initially wanted was to get into shape. Not a shape or a physique everyone else saw fit, but one that truly fit who I was and my body style. I started working at the age of 16 weighing 165lbs (75kgs) and all I wanted was to just be healthy and look good. Two years into training, I thought to myself why not go that extra mile and work harder than before and push myself beyond points to compete in a bodybuilding show.

When comes to motivation I think and thank my brother. He is the one who taught me everything about getting into fitness, and we always competed against each other and pushed each other to be at our best, never to quit when it seemed so easy. When it came to how I wanted my physique I would look at icons like Frank Zane and Bob Pairs, because to me that is a true physique, true symmetry.”

Talking about Lavanga’s Diet, He said the Following

“I’m a strong believer in high fats and high protein diets and we are all not the same, we just have to find out what works for ourselves by trying out different foods and see how they react. My diet changes on what my goal is and I like to stay lean year round as it’s easy for me to get into contest prep. I would just increase my calories during off season, this includes mostly by adding carbs, and when I start my competition prep I always do a carb cycle before I get into my cutting diet as it will help me increase my metabolism. What this means is I will be on high fats and proteins with very low carbs for 3 days straight and then 1 day high carbs and 3 days low again.

I eat 6-7 meals a day, it’s usually just chicken, rice and greens; I would switch it up some time depending on how I feel. When it comes to cheat meals, I have them around 2-3 times a week during off season and on contest prep, I always see how I look and If I need a cheat meal I would if not I don’t. During contest prep you have a cheat meal to increase your calories for that one meal and make you feel satisfied as prepping can be stressful.”

In a sport like Bodybuilding the key is to surround yourself around like minded people. So many people want to bash what you do, and this lifestyle is very different from the normal person as this sport depends on how well you’re disciplined every single day.  Once you surround yourself around others with the same achievable mindset the sky’s the limit.

Competitions and Achievements 

I competed in my first show at the age of 19 in NPC Men’s Physique Division where I placed 2nd in the Teenage Class and 3rd in the Novice Class. I wasn’t happy nor satisfied with this, but I learned a lot getting ready for this show. I knew what I needed to do and told myself next time I compete I will win the Overall of my Division. I took 2 years off from competing and the new class got introduced “Classic Physique”. I always had a passion for the old school physiques and their posing. I competed in the same show 2 years later and went on to winning all my classes and became the Overall winner as well.  I pride myself in winning this as I made a promise to myself 2 years ago and I’m no way near to the physique I want and the goals I want to achieve in this sport.


My goal for now is to become an IFBB Pro in Classic Physique in the next few years and the final goal is to step on that Olympia Stage one day. I know it’s going to take some time and this sport is always about progressing over the years. I got time on my side and I believe with the work ethic I have, I’ll be able to go far in this sport.

Advice to the upcoming bodybuilders?

My main advice for anyone is that in this sport it’s all about patience and consistency. This takes years and years of work and good nutrition, don’t take any shortcuts to look big fast. Do it slow and make it beautiful at the end this sport is a form of art.


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