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Take one capsule either each morning or at the same time each day, always making sure you’ve eaten before. For best effects, take for 4-8 weeks, followed by a four week break.

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Get Dry = Get Lean

If you’re looking to get lean, hard and shredded, listen up.

Androgenic/Anti-Estrogenic! Testosterone Support!

Increases Sex Drive & Stamina While Minimizing Water Retention!

  •  Minimize bloat and unwanted water weight, and promote a natural boost in sex drive, stamina and endurance. Dial in and reveal that ripped, shredded, lean physique you’ve worked so hard for.Androgenic/Anti-Estrogenic
    Testosterone Support
    Increase Sex Drive and Stamina
    Minimize Water Retention

Created by supplement powerhouse Cutler Nutrition, Dry is an androgenic and estrogenic modulator that promotes a lean physique – especially when used as part of a larger supplement stack.

Oh, and as well as getting ripped, lean and muscular, this supplement also promises to increase libido and sexual stamina in the bedroom.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well there’s actually very limited information available on how the product gets to work, so let’s take a closer look. And we’ll take a look at some real user testimonials while we’re at it.

What’s in DRY’s Formula?

This product contains a unique proprietary blend (500mg per serving), which contains the following:

Corydalis yanhusuo (tuber) [alkaloids], Isodon excisus (whole), citrus reticulata (seeds and fruit) [limonoids], lontarus domestica (stem).


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