Natty Muscle: Atheeq Anvario


Who is Atheeq?

If you have heard of Natty Muscle, Then you should be knowing the person behind the Motivational Fitness Platform.

Atheeq Anvario, who is an online coach/pro fitness model, talks about his journey and his own inspirations which led him to leave a mark as a motivational athlete in the fitness industry.

All this started when i was in the age of 8 years old, not even knowing the basics but with a strong will to look like DC & marvel characters. Being specific- like superman. 

Since my journey started very early, i had and i still have so many inspirations and role models. Begun with superman, followed by Hrtik Roshan, Amir Khan, hughe Jackman, Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, Mohammed Ali, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Silvestor Stallone, Van Damme.

– Superman still inspires me.

Superman, a character which is humble, helpful and inspirational and still hell strong with an amazing physique and looking good obviously.

The motivation to keep me going is my self. In the time where things got serious, and the urge became alot more to workout since i wanted join the army, its them. The military commercial which i have seen on tv, where i have seen the real superheroes. The real people i wanted look like and be like, who never quit, who never fear fail, who train insane. A big salute to them for keeping us safe!

My current diet is like 2600 calories followed with 216g of protein since im only focused on maintaining my physique.

The first ever competition was Mr.kelaniweliya which i placed second in my weight class. This, way before i started doing natty muscle and without having the proper knowledge about nutrition in this game.

my goal was never being categorized as a bodybuilder, Power lifter, Cross fitter, Fitness model or a MMA artist. As I said above, the final masterpiece is a better human, a prime mover not to adopt only to one pattern but to train in many. 

My long term plan will be to spread what i know, to teach and make to amazing videos.

The advice i would like to give for people who is looking to start their fitness career is to not to make the same mistakes once i did in the past, pay attention to your nutrition, do not neglect them . have patience, You cant build instant muscles, so have patience – keep your routine under 1 hour and 45 min, listen to your muscles have the mind muscle connection. Train legs, dont avoid training minor muscles which is way more important than you think and be functional. Its pointless if you look good and you cant perform, its like having a Lamborghini without an engine. Look like a Lamborghini, perform like a Lamborghini, be the walking Lamborghini. 




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