High Octane Fitness Center


Gyms are a dime a dozen in sri lanka to the extent that if one is looking to embark on a fitness journey, one of the most hardest decisions that he or she faces is selecting a gym that will suit their fitness goals and push them past boundaries into new horizons in terms of fitness. There are a few key aspects to consider when joining a gym such as the floor space, the quality and variety of fitness equipment, availability of qualified trainers, ability to cater to the different fitness practices and the often overlooked factor which is quality and hygiene of the changing rooms. There is arguably no other gym in Sri Lanka that ticks all these boxes as emphatically as High Octane Fitness.

When elaborating on the first factor which is the floor space, no one likes to workout in a crowded gym where one doesn’t have the luxury to even mark out a personal space while performing an exercise without being disturbed by a heavily perspiring individual just inches away from their presence. This is not a problem you will face at High Octane Fitness no matter what time of the day you wish to work out since their facility has the floor space as big as a football field.

The fitness equipment available at High Octane Fitness is the wet dream of any fitness lover as they have equipment that are unheard of in Sri lanka and this variety of equipment means that you’ll find a machine which targets every specific muscle group in the body and in fact you’ll find several different machines targeting each body part. The variety of leg machines alone which are available at High Octane Fitness is mind boggling to anyone who has stepped foot inside a gym.

Trainers are a vital part of any gym and they are useful for the beginner all the way up to the veteran. For the beginner a trainer is the one who teaches them about the ways of the gym and for the veteran a trainer is important to give them pointers and the occasional motivational boost. The trainers over at High Octane Fitness suit this criteria and even some as all of them are certified professional trainers with some having distinguished careers in bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossFit. They are even available as personal trainers for a surprisingly affordable session rate.

When looking at the different types of fitness practices that High Octane Fitness caters to it’s almost like it is multiple gyms rolled into one giant complex. They have a crossFit studio that is unparalleled to any other crossFit institute in Sri Lanka and they also have the added advantage of possessing a qualified foreigner named Bark Koch as the crossFit instructor which adds an exotic feel to the whole thing. There is also a spin cycle class which isn’t common in Sri Lanka as well as having yoga, tabata circuit training and Dance fit which makes High Octane fitness a true pioneer in the gym scene in Sri Lanka.

The aftermath of a grueling work out session generally means that you’ve ended up with a pile of sweat and in need of immediate cleansing. High Octane Fitness offers you with multiple shower rooms for both male and females which seem to always be in good condition which in turn points to a well-established cleaning team being present. The number of locker rooms available too are a nice bonus for the members.

While there are overwhelming positives seen at High Octane Fitness this isn’t to say that there are no negative points. There was a couple of things that we noticed and the first was while they have a shake shack available at the gym which in itself is an impressive feature, the menu in it wasn’t too pleasing. But their menu is said to be due for a revamp so we hope that the new menu will offer the members more variety and potency in their shakes. The second point is their annual membership price of 80000/= which is quite a lot to dish out for an average gym goer. But when you look at the vast range of services that High Octane Fitness provides then that number does not seem too excessive and in fact is quite


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