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They say that fitness is 30% exercise 70% diet but what isn’t glamorously portrayed is the fact that eating healthy isn’t as clean cut as it seems and in fact is one of the most difficult aspects for an individual looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. The sheer time and energy needed to prepare a meal which fulfills your nutritional needs is daunting enough for people to give up the entire idea of healthy eating and settle for something high in calories.
This is where Calorie counter comes in. The inception of Calorie Counter is a direct result of there not being healthy alternatives in Sri Lanka especially for a busy individual. The owner of Calorie counter Duaine Peiris himself has undergone a tremendous weight loss journey and therefore has first-hand experience with the difficulties faced by people who are looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind he created a place where people can come in and enjoy a variety of food and beverage choices, each of which were added to the menu with the careful consultation of a nutritionist.

The first thing that you notice when you step inside Calorie counter is the vast range of items that they have in their menu which is all displayed on the walls along with the calorie count for each item. You really are spoilt for choice as they have separate menus for Breakfast, Juices, Tea, Smoothies, Grilled items, Salads, Sandwiches, Desserts as well as Energy bars and a menu called Gym junky combo which consists of pre and post workout meals.

The highlight of all this is that all the items on the menu contain no trans-fat and Duaine himself prides on the fact that there has been no sugar bought into the restaurant which tells that all their food are 100% sugar and fat free which in itself is a rarity to find in Sri Lanka. A big reason behind this is the oven that they use called “Rational” which uses the fat of the meat itself to cook it and can simultaneously cook multiple items within minutes without compromising the flavors which in turn provides fast service to the customers which is very much appreciated.

To start off our review we tried out the Energy protein booster which contains strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, red rice, milk, yoghurt, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds. Despite not having any added sugar there was a sweetness to it which came from the berries and it definitely was a treat for the taste buds. We also tried the Energetic banana oatmeal which contains bananas, yoghurt, bees honey, oat meal and almonds and while it wasn’t as sweet as the Energy protein booster it certainly had a fulfilling taste along with an energy boost which will be useful for people looking for a quick healthy snack before a workout.

Next we tried a grilled item on the menu called Cajun spiced grilled chicken and another thing about calorie counter is that you can pick your carbohydrates and vegetables. We went for maroccan cous cous as the carb choice and cauliflower, beans, carrot, spinach, broccoli as the vegetable choice. This dish had the perfect combo of proteins and carbs which made for an appetizing meal and as it didn’t contain any trans-fat it was good for the body too. The meal was also quite fulfilling and would be an ideal choice as a healthy alternative for lunch.

As gym goers, one of the most sought after meal categories of Calorie counter is their Gym Junky Combo which has a post workout meal consisting of chicken, egg, almonds, broccoli and it has a total protein content of 64grams which is just what you’ll need to put into your system after a grueling and intense workout session.

Additionally they also have an Organic menu where all the food is taken from organic farming which appeals to individuals who are conscious about the nature of the food that they consume.

Calorie counter also has some novel ideas such as their food membership which basically is the same as a gym membership where you pay a certain amount for a 6 month or 1 year period for food which will compel you to eat healthy without putting it off for another day. They also mention in the receipt the total amount of calories that you have consumed to help you keep track of your daily caloric intake.

When looking at their dining area it actually is pretty small but they do have a small open area by the side which is good if you’re looking to come here with friends and socialize but what calorie counter has really focused on is their food and when taking into consideration the variety in their menu and the extent to which they have gone to ensure that the food is made out of fully natural and highly nutritional ingredients then you can forgive the floor space and relish the fact that Sri Lanka has got an International standard restaurant for providing healthy meals.





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