Alpha Lee: The Story of Lalitha Epaarachchi


Lalitha Epaarachchi  aka Lee, a full time online coach gives some information about his journey in the fitness industry, Lee talks about his influences, and how he was inspired to get into Fitness.

“I’ve been training for 9 years. Of which, 90% of the time i did not have money to invest in proper nutrition, because of responsibilities that took precedence over my own selfish needs. I know a 100% of you will also have similar problems. so, Understand the reason you are doing this should never be driven by vanity. What do i mean ? close your eyes and imagine you lose all your muscle. Now exist! if you are sad, then you are driven by vanity. over the 9 years, my main achievement is not the 12kg, but the mindset i developed. ”

What was your Initial Motivation to get into Fitness?

My initial motivation to get into fitness i think is made up of a multiple factors  but if i had to choose one, that pushed me deep into fitness would be the movie series Rocky. This was back in 2007 at 17 years of age, Me taking this up as a career was motivated by Scott Herman back in 2009.

Who inspired you as a Fitness Enthusiast?

I have a list of names that i could go into,  but i would say the two people that really motivated me in fitness would be Sylvester stallone and Scott Herman (Youtuber) but i think i’ve reached a point where my motivation to keep going on this journey is more intrinsic in nature than extrinsic.

How does your Training and Diet look like?

My first year of training i was in an ab craze, so because of that i was on a very low carb diet with as much protein as i could get. Which was not much. Doing this i reached my goal but as a result i was 55kg and skinny.

Giving that up i started increasing my weight

Now after letting go of superficial training reasons for fitness, my diet has evolved to a more balanced version. I don’t have a set number of meals but i usually end up eating 3-4 meals. 2-3Large meals and one small meal. 100% of the time the smaller meal is breakfast. My food mainly consists of eggs, peanuts, dates, beef, rice, potatoes and non starchy vegetables and any type of fruit.

I’d have to say the same to people who keep me motivated are the ones who initially motivated me to get into fitness.

How is the Experience as a Personal Trainer?

My First paid PT Experience was very good actually. I was lucky. My client had similar goals to mine, was very easy to communicate with and was  pretty good at learning technique. I Just took him through a general plan i made for him based on an initial assessment. Then based on that assessment made alterations to suit his needs and weaknesses. I actually gave up PT at the beginning of 2017. Now, i’m a full time Online Coach

What are your Goals as a Fitness Coach?

  1. To become the #1 health & fitness influencer in Sri Lanka.
  2. Travel, learn and funnel that knowledge into Sri Lanka

What Advice do you have for the Fitness Community?


99% of people getting into fitness are getting into it for shallow reasons. My advice to them is, “The sooner you realize that your worth is not defined by a measurement of body fat or by the number of plates you bench, the more consistent your results will be as an athlete and as a person.



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