10 Reasons to Love Couples Fitness


Couples fitness is something that I myself discovered recently. It was there all this time but was something totally new to me. I am currently in a weight loss journey and all this time it was me who was in this journey alone. Undergoing a weight loss journey is a full time thing as you have to constantly keep track of your meals, resist the unhealthy food choices and importantly keep grinding on the workouts without skipping them. So I badly wanted to talk my lovely wife into this sweat mess. And it worked out really well. She needs to lose her weight and I just made her realize how fun and awesome it is to see the results of the hard work and she listened to me. Since she is starting her work late in the afternoon, she got plenty of time at home in the morning to workout. And during the weekends the couple workout comes into play. It’s fun. Especially when both of us are going towards a mutual goal.

For all you people who think that couple workouts are not cool, I’ve got some points to counter this argument.

When you are a couple,

1. It adds one more thing to discuss since it’s common to both of you.

  1. Both of you are determined to achieve the goal.
  2. You are not alone in this. Both of you are there to back up each other.
  3. Try new workouts and make corrections.
  4. Gossip when working out so you guys won’t feel bored (well, that’s optional though)
  5. You both can complement each other and cheer each other out which is a vital component in a fitness journey.
  6. Not one, but both will change their lifestyles and make it a healthy and a happy one.

8. If someone of you going out of the track (food or skipping workouts), there is always your partner to make you talk back into it.

  1. Both will be more cautious and watch on food you consume.
  2. Last but not least, you both know when you both need to celebrate milestones in this fitness journey. That’s the fun part of it. Maybe you buy a pair of heels for her or you both enjoy a nice vacation or go out together. You name it.

I’m sure there are more than 10 benefits when it comes to couple fitness. Although we all love to be in the zone with the headsets on when working out, just give couples fitness a try. You will like it. It will make you sweat and make it fun at the same time for both of you.

Try it today, Sweat together! and be the next Power Couple!!
Oh and yes, don’t forget to take a post workout selfie too!!

  • Written By – Shehan Perera



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